LoopRopes & Carabiner Clips

LoopRope is a flexible cargo tie down system primarily designed as truck tie downs for securing cargo.

What makes LoopRope different than traditional bungee straps?

The loops in LoopRope create flexible attachment points allowing you to create a custom fastening system with just one rope. LoopRope, itself, is made from 1/4" heavy duty shock cord and each cord comes with two stainless steel LoopClip carabiners to fasten the ends of the rope quickly and securely. LoopRope was originally designed as cargo tie downs that would be flexible enough to handle any type of cargo. LoopRope is so adjustable that it's uses are expanding well beyond that of securing cargo.

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3ft Adjustable Green & Yellow Bungee Tie Down Strap with 2 Carabiner Clips
  • LoopRope Utilizes 1/4" looped shock cord tie down crimped at several intervals.
  • Each loop can be an additional fastening point - increases stability and security.
  • Using multiple LoopRope tie down straps allows you to create cargo nets for your truck or exactly where you need them.
  • The LoopRope tie down system is much simpler and safer than traditional bungee or rope tie downs.
  • Replaces traditional bungee cords with high quality shock cord and stainless steel heavy duty carabiner clip.
  • Quickly and easily secures cargo or equipment with no need to tie knots.
  • Looprope never tangles.
  • One LoopRope tie down strap solves many fastening problems.

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3.5" LoopClip Brushed Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

The heavy duty stainless steel construction is perfect for countless tasks. LoopClip’s strong dual sided gates are sure to keep your gear secure.

These dual sided carabiners provide more applications than just LoopRope. They add a tremendous amount of value to the rope since they can be detached and used as a keyring holder or for clipping off Nalgene bottles to a raft or back pack.

The uses for LoopClip are vast.

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